Sway ‘Mercedes-Benz’ OFFICIAL Video Out October 19th


  1. Sick video, sway, when’s the signature 2 dropping,been to long man, get it out there. Konvict uk!!

  2. I finally found out why your next studio album is called that way, and now that I know it I say that it’s the greatest name to a release! Can’t wait to see ‘Not Perfect’ music video – my favourite track featuring you. This video is sick, though still the song is not your level. Hey, what’s the name of that girl from ‘Red Handed’ that appears here? People over the internet still wonder who she is, the only thing I could say is that she has the best voice I’ve ever heard…

  3. sway ur killin it fam, videos big, wen da new album dropping? an wen u gunna get ur KONVICT chain??

  4. Sway! My man! Stop your cousin! He’s making a big mistake playing for Spartak, save him till it’s not to late! Quincy deserves more! This is the place where people turn into pigs. He should move to CSKA!

  5. SWAY ma maaaan!! “wo ye tough” dude am too proud of you. GH is dying for something fresh. Even if you spit on a CD, i’ll still love listening to it.
    stay high sway.


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